Saturday, June 16, 2012


Hi Everbuddee!  I bet you wuz all stayin up at nite worryin bout us all.  An you prolly couldnot eet nuffin eiver!  Well, you can go fix yoursef a sammich and take a nap...wee is fine!

It iz me...BONNEE!!!  Mommee an Duddee an Clydee an Mee went on bacation!  An Mommee is lettin MEE tell you all bout it!  This first one iz a pitcher of Mee lookin outta the window inna car. (Look closely.  Can you see what she's looking at?*)  We did lotsa this cuz it is a long way to there.

When we got there, we stay inna camper!  I like that cuz you can see stuff!  Duddee sez that wee could see beefalo from the camper...but I did not see none. (Look closely. Can you see what she's NOT looking at?**)

Oh.  There is the beefalo.

An horseys.  We saw horseys two.

My mos favoritest part of campin iz gettin too doo stuf wif my brudder!  Mommee and Duddee werenot wearin there leeshes here. Good fing Mister Ranger didnot see.  I don'tnot fink he wooda liked that! (It is true that TM and I were leashless.  However, we DO pick up poopies...just in case you were concerned.)

An I getta doo stuff wif Duddee two!  I wuz a little skeered here. Can you tell I wuz a little skeered?  I wuz a little skeered.  I don'tnot like big bunnys.  Clydee likes bunnys.  I like skwerlz.

Everbuddee gots all xcited bout this buildin cubbered in corns.  I gots one word for it: BORE ING.  If it wuz cubbered in BACON that wood be sumfin to get xcited bout.  I wood be all ober that!

Don'tnot say nuffin...but I fink hiz noze iz kinda big.

Wee went to Duddees favoritest TV show...but Mike and Frank wuz not at home. The nice laydee came out an gived Mee an Clydee sum sweet potatae treets!  An Duddee gots a micepad an a hat!  Mommee didnot get nuffin.  She sez the memry wuz enuff.

Onna way home wee stayed at the Missyippee Riber.  This here is where the boats go ober the dam an wee could watch them from our camper.  They gots loud horns! I barked at a pelican!  An wee saw a eegle catch a fish!

I like campin'.  If you gets boreded you can always watch the naybors.  I do that lots.  If you eber see Mee campin' next to will prolly wanna zip up your windows!  

Well...that is all bout our bacation!  Ima thinkin' next time wee goes somewhere I will get onta twitter and twat bout it.  This bloggin' iz hard werk!


*praire dogs

**buffalo...or is it bison...I'm never sure