Friday, April 29, 2011

We Be Campin'!

Hi Everbudee!  This iz Bonnee!  I got sumfin' xciting to tell u!  Weez goin' campin'!  I so xcited!  It iz my mos favorite fing too do inna hole world!  Me an Clydee an Dudee gots everfing packed tooday and wee iz leevin' in a morning!

Wee will not bee in r house...but if u r finkin' bout robbin us, dont even fink bout it!  We gots a very meen house-sat-er (oops, sorri Ant Beverlee)...and asides, Dudee packed up everfing and the kichten sink.  So there iz nuffin in there for u too take!

I will see u when I gets I will tell u all bout my bacation!

This is Bonnee.  This is not Katherine.  I dont need no fancee name like that!

Lost April

WOW!  Where did April go?  We've had unseasonably cool weather...and lots and lots of rain.  The plants are loving the moisture...but the flower show seems to be in slow motion.  

Today was an absolutely glorious day...and so I thought I'd show you how my little garden is progressing.  The daffodil blossoms have disappeared...all that remains is their foliage...and the plant supports for the larger perennials are in place.  And aside from a dandelion or two, no weeds yet!

Here's the first mini-iris bloom...soon to be joined by many more (see the fat little buds?).

This is Candytuft...a great little plant that self-seeds easily.  It thrives in the little nooks and crannies between the rocks in the fieldstone border.

Creeping Phlox along the pathway.  The pink always blooms first...followed by the blue a few days later.  Another great, carefree plant.

Meet "Mr. Lincoln," our resident lilac bush.  At first, he wasn't too thrilled with his new home and was quite reluctant to bloom for several years.  But, he has come into his own recently...and I think this will be his best year ever!

Just look at that blue sky!  Haven't seen much of that lately!

And there you have it!  Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

LIttle Buddy

I've been sewing up a my downstairs workroom (or "girl-cave," as The Mailman calls it)...making goodies for my Etsy shop.  It's very peaceful down there...and I enjoy the solitude, especially on a rainy day like today.  However, the usual peace and quiet of the morning was shattered by an absolutely blood-curdling-heart-stopping-animal-caught-in-a-trap-wail emanating from my little dog, Clyde.  I raced up the stairs to find him at the front door, desperate to go outside.

So, I let him out...because, what else am I gonna do? 

I watched him hesitate on the front walk...sniffing the air...seemingly confused.  There was nothing out there to warrant such an outburst.  I've been concerned about him.  He's thirteen years old...almost completely deaf...and he's been battling a respiratory infection for the past week or so.  It hurts me to see him aging.  He's my Little Buddy...and while his sister's heart belongs to The Mailman...Clyde loves me most of all.  I am his Hooman.  Bonnie ambled over to stand beside me...and we watched him together.  I said, "Why don't you go outside and check on your brother.  I think he's losing his marbles."  So...out she went.

It was then that I turned, and saw...out the large back window...the rather burly guy in the yellow safety vest, dinking around with the phone box on the backside of the house.  Apparently, they're going to bury the fiber-optic cable that's been laying across the back yard since last Fall.

Sorry, Little Buddy. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Married Life and Rhubarb Pie

So, late yesterday morning, The Mailman and I were on our way to Easter dinner at the In-laws.  Since it was a beautiful day, we decided to forgo the main highway and travel the 10 miles or so over the back roads.  About 1/4 of the way there, the conversation went like this:

     TM:  "Do you have any points on the gas card?"

     ME:  "No.  I used them up the last time.  Why?"

     TM:  "Well, I think..."

     ME:  (Leaning over to see the needle on EMPTY.)
            "Oh, my God!  We're not gonna make it!  You need to turn around.  It's Easter Sunday!
            They may not even be open!"

     TM:  (Smirks.)

     ME:  (Noticing smirk.)

            (Notices me noticing said smirk.  Deadpans.)
            "Hearing you talk just makes me smile.  I guess."

Well, we made it to the gas station and filled up...but I barely remember that part.  I was laughing so hard, I couldn't see straight.  I love that guy.

Later in the afternoon, I made these ornaments for my Etsy Shop.  One pink and one blue...I think they'd be perfect for a first-time Mom on Mothers' Day.

Then, we went out into the garden, and picked some rhubarb...

...and today, I made a pie.  For The Mailman.

Like I said...I love that guy.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

                     Wishing you a most Blessed Easter!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


                                                        HI!!!  My name iz Bonnie!  

Mommee ast* me to make a post for u today...she iz two bizee makin' stuff to do it hersef.  I cannot tell u watt she iz makin' iz a secert.  Butt u weenie-dog peeples iz gonna be very happity!

OK.  Now I will talk bout somefin more interestin...MEEE!!!  I am firteen yeers older.  I am the most best dogg inna hole world.  U can ast anybuddy.  I am a bizee bee.  I gots lotsa hobbys and lotsa fings I like two do.  Hear iz some pitchers for u!


I like goin' for a W-O-K.  Mommee and Duddee fink I do not know watt that spells...but I DO!

I like skwirrels!  Long as they stay up inna tree.  If they come down an look at me...I gets skeered an I run inna house.

I like Clydee.  He is my brudder.  You gotta talk real loud at him cuz he cant not heer no more.  Duddee sez it iz cuz I barkt in hiz eers two much.

I like Funderstorms!  I git all xcited.  I run two the Mommee has to git my pilla an my bankie so I can sit inna garage an watch!

I like snow!  So duz Clydee.  Mommee made are coats.  They are special-fitted for weenie dogs.  We are weenie dogs.  Clydee and me.

I like family time.  That is Clydee an mee an Sammee.  She iz are sister.

I like sittin' by Duddee when he eets...cuz he give me stuff!  Sometimes.  Do NOT tell Mommee.

I like Peppy-Bizee when I gots a tummer-hurt from sittin' by Duddee when he eets.

I like Duddee!!!

*Yes, I DID ask her to do this post for me...however, I had NO idea that she would get so carried away...especially with the pictures.  She spends a lot of time surfing with her Daddy, and I guess she's learned quite a bit from watching him.  I considered removing some of these photos...but they're all so darned cute, I just couldn't do it.  I apologize.

Monday, April 18, 2011


                         "If you don't like the weather in Indiana, wait awhile."
                                                                                                                                  Hoosier Wisdom

A typical Spring here in Hoosierland, boys and girls.  In the past couple of weeks I've carried the pansies in at night to protect them from temps in the 20's...basked in 80+ degree sunshine and contemplated turning on the air conditioning...attempted to rake out flower beds in a brisk wind and 20% humidity (and actually became quite proficient at dry-leaf-wrangling).  

Today, it's raining.  Which is good news for the garden.  For The Mailman, not so much.  But, I'm making his favorite Parmesan-Baked Catfish for supper tonight...with an Italian vegetable saute...and that should make him smile.

Last Tuesday was a beautiful day...sunny, breezy and dry...and so I planted broccoli.  Now, I like to grow veggies from seed...not out of any deep-seated organic philosophy...but just because I enjoy it.  And I usually have pretty good luck...except with broccoli.  Every year, I start the seeds indoors...hug and kiss them through their pampered infancy...and they reward me by withering away when I attempt to move them into the outdoors.  Which necessitates a trip to WalMart to buy broccoli plants.  Not this year!  I actually managed to grow some healthy seedlings...and although they're small, I think they're gonna make it!  

Here's their new home.  Last year, my gardening season ended with a whimper after a record-breaking drought and a bout with what (I think) was H1N1.  So...I have a lot of cleaning up to do.

My assistants.

All turned over and raked smooth.  I've been gardening in these raised beds since the early eighties, and I love them.  We have heavy clay soil...and lots of shade...not so good for veggies.  So, I had these beds built in a sunny corner...and filled them with good soil...which I amend each season with lots of organic matter.

I used Jiffy Pellets to start the know, those little brown wafers that swell up when you add water.  I like the fact that I don't have to dig the seedlings out of a common flat...less transplant shock.  He looks pretty happy, don't you think?

And here they are in their new digs...thirty-six of them!  Shrimp and Broccoli Alfredo, anyone?

"Hey," you say, "I thought this was a sewing blog!"  Well, it is.  At least I mean it to be.  And after the Spring gardening rush is over, I plan to get down to it.  In the meantime...I made these pretty things the other day.  They're available in my Etsy shop...and they're perfect for Mothers' Day!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Dress, My Jacket

I don't remember exactly when I made this dress or this jacket.  My best guess would be the late seventies or early eighties.  Certainly no later than 1982.  As a young twenty-something, this was my passion.  I would chose the most complicated pattern...the most difficult fabric...and attempt to make something beautiful.  Sometimes I failed...sometimes I succeeded.  These are two examples of success.

Why am I showing these to you?  I wanted you to see where I've been...and where I would like to be again.

I want to turn a crisp lapel...

...construct a smooth slot pocket...

...and a bound buttonhole.

I want the challenge of a delicate placket...

...a fine French seam...

...and chiffon ruffles.

I love these garments.  Do they still fit?  Yes.  Will I ever wear them again?  Probably not.  I left behind pale neutrals and over-sized silhouettes long ago.  Then, why do I keep them?  Because they inspire me. This is what I want to do...and I can't wait to get started again.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Beginning

My first post!  I've been thinking a lot about how I want to begin this journey...and the direction I want to take.  Since this blog is called "KatyDidStitches," I hope to talk a good deal about sewing...and my renewed passion for garment-making.  But there's more to me than my way with a needle and thread.  And so I thought I would begin by sharing a corner of my garden with you.  It's Spring.  The garden is just beginning...and so am I!  Enjoy!

I love perennial gardening...the ebb and flow...the way each plant has it's day in the sun and then recedes into the background while another steals the show.  This particular bed sits on the west side of our to the patio and just outside our kitchen window.  I thought it might be fun to watch the changes in this garden as it makes it's way through the seasons.  And...since I'm going to be showing it you, I MAY actually keep it tidy!

My hubbin...affectionately known here as "The Mailman"...knew I wanted a big garden, but he married me anyway!  "You do the planning and I'll do the grunt work," he said.  He's never admitted it, but I've often wondered it he's regretted those words!  In addition to digging the flower beds...the fence, the arbor and the gravel path are ALL his handiwork.  And that's just a fraction of what he's done around our home.  He's the perfect handyman...reasonable rates...finishes on time and under budget (well, most of the time)...and looks great in a tool belt!   

There are a LOT of plants in this bed, but you'd never know it now.  I wanted some Spring color,  and so I planted the spaces in between with Daffodils...some were purchased and some migrated from my father-in-law's garden.  This is just their second season...and I'm hoping they will multiply into a great big bouncing bouquet of sunshine yellow!

Since we live in a wooded area, there are always wildflowers popping up.  These delicate little beauties are always the first to appear.  I don't know what they're called...but I've loved them since I was a little girl.  Their pure white and chocolate brown coloring remind me of nonpareils!

Meet "Gnomar Garciaparra" (heads-up, Cubs fans). He's stationed just inside the front gate. If you visit, be sure to say "hello" to Gnomar...he's really quite friendly! 

Thank you for stopping by...I hope you enjoyed your first little tour!