Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Golden Day

If you've ever glanced over at my sidebar, you may have noticed that I have a couple of Etsy shops.  I absolutely adore selling on Etsy.  (And buying, too.  One peek into my jewelry box and it's undeniable!) any Etsian will tell you...the BEST thing about Etsy is the people. When someone purchases one of my items, they usually share a story with me...and it's always something lovely.

Yesterday, I received an order for a keepsake ornament through my shop, Katarzyna.  A loving daughter wanted to present her parents with something special for their 50th wedding anniversary.  And she chose one of my quilted ball ornaments for this honor!

This ornament features gold and soft white quilting cottons from Anna Griffin...ivory satin ribbon and gossamer bows...white paper roses and old gold rosebuds...a vintage mirror-back button...a golden bell charm and...

...and tiny oval disk, with the sentiment "to love and to cherish."

I found myself extremely touched and inspired by this gesture and this story of enduring love. You see...yesterday was OUR 16th wedding anniversary.  If I am blessed enough to cross that 50-year threshold with my TM, I shall be a very old woman.  And he a very old man.  But...I shall cherish every year and every gray hair and every wrinkle.  I love him more every day.

Friday, July 20, 2012


As you may know...this past May, The Mailman and I took a little camping trip.  To the Great Plains.  And one of our stops was the tiny town of Wimbledon, North Dakota.  Why Wimbledon, you ask? Well...because they have a tennis court. And the folks at the general store make a killer cheeseburger.

Before we left home, TM said to me, "Don't let me run the gas gauge below 1/4 of a tank.  Remember what happened last time?" Yes, I did remember.  We were cruising down the Interstate in Northern Indiana when our little Subaru began to sputter.  We eased off onto the first available exit and coasted into the nearest gas station.  Apparently, the weight of the camper on the hitch is just enough to render the gas gauge useless below 1/4 of a tank. the Great Plains there's a whole lot of nothing.  Stunningly beautiful nothing, mind you...but if you're a city slicker and used to a Starbuck's at every exit on the super-slab, you'll be pretty uncomfortable.  You'd better get your moch-jamocha latte while you can because it's gonna be awhile before you get another chance.  

So we're pulling out of Wimbledon (The Mailman, Me, our two elderly weenie dogs, our packed-to-the-gills Subaru Forester and our packed-to-the gills pop-up camper)...the conversation goes something like this...

ME (leaning over to see that the gas gauge is a little below 1/4 tank):  Are you going to get gas before we leave town?

TM: No, I'll fill up at the next town.  It's just about 12 miles down the road.


ME:  Are you sure they have a gas station?

TM:  Well...if they don't, the Interstate is just a couple more miles.


ME:  And how far on the Interstate until there's gas?

TM:  (Silence)

I am annoyed.

Presently, we come upon what I assume to be the "12 mile road"...which turns out to be dirt and gravel.  Not the best surface for a fully-loaded camper.  TM turns around and heads back toward Wimbledon.  As we approach the intersection that would take us back into town, I know exactly what he's going to to. That's right.  He drives on. I said, this part of the country has an abundance of wide open spaces.  Nothing between you and the blue sky...not a structure to be seen in any direction.  Beyond each grassy another grassy hill.  And on we go.

I am angry.  

I can feel the tension building.  TM begins to fidget.  The gauge is now on empty.  We pass a house and a cluster of farm buildings.

TM:  Do you want me to stop and see if they'll sell us some gas?

ME:  Do whatever you want.  You will anyway.

The rancher is apologetic.  No gas here...only diesel.  Jamestown is 7 miles down the road...and the gas stations are all on the near side of town.  Don't go any faster than 50 clicks...and good luck. We start down the road again.


We have the cell phone...but who do you call in the middle of nowhere?  It would serve him right if he has to walk...but I certainly don't want to wait on the side of the road in the burning sun...with two old weenie dogs on my lap...for God-knows-how-long until help arrives.   

And so I begin to the decidedly un-eloquent way of a soul on the edge of panic.

ME (under my breath because I'm not talking to him):  Please get us there. Please get us there.  PLEASE get us there.  

We top the last hill and see the promised land of Jamestown ahead.  As we creep towards the first gas station, I notice that the fuel is a couple of pennies cheaper a half-block further on.

ME (to myself):  If he goes for the cheaper gas, I really will kill him.

Uncharacteristically, he pulls into the more expensive station. Without a word, he fills the tank and heads into the convenience store.  He returns with two Snicker ice cream bars and a big can of "Peace Tea."  *snort*  As I bite into the chocolate-peanut deliciousness, I decide to call a truce.

ME:  This is good.  You must have known that chocolate defuses murderous rages.

TM:  I had a feeling.


ME:  I'm getting a serger.  I've wanted one for a long time and I deserve it.  I'm getting a serger.

TM:  What's it do?

ME:  That's no concern of yours.

To his credit...TM was very conscientious about the gas for the rest of the trip.  We had an absolutely lovely time.  And he's never given me a moment's grief about my new serger.

(These beautiful stained glass windows are from St. Boniface Catholic Church in Wimbledon. Before all this happened, TM stopped inside to take pictures...and left behind a small donation. St. Boniface is the patron saint of Germany...but apparently, he will intercede for mailmen, cranky sewists and old weenie dogs, as well.)

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Hi Everbuddee!  I bet you wuz all stayin up at nite worryin bout us all.  An you prolly couldnot eet nuffin eiver!  Well, you can go fix yoursef a sammich and take a nap...wee is fine!

It iz me...BONNEE!!!  Mommee an Duddee an Clydee an Mee went on bacation!  An Mommee is lettin MEE tell you all bout it!  This first one iz a pitcher of Mee lookin outta the window inna car. (Look closely.  Can you see what she's looking at?*)  We did lotsa this cuz it is a long way to there.

When we got there, we stay inna camper!  I like that cuz you can see stuff!  Duddee sez that wee could see beefalo from the camper...but I did not see none. (Look closely. Can you see what she's NOT looking at?**)

Oh.  There is the beefalo.

An horseys.  We saw horseys two.

My mos favoritest part of campin iz gettin too doo stuf wif my brudder!  Mommee and Duddee werenot wearin there leeshes here. Good fing Mister Ranger didnot see.  I don'tnot fink he wooda liked that! (It is true that TM and I were leashless.  However, we DO pick up poopies...just in case you were concerned.)

An I getta doo stuff wif Duddee two!  I wuz a little skeered here. Can you tell I wuz a little skeered?  I wuz a little skeered.  I don'tnot like big bunnys.  Clydee likes bunnys.  I like skwerlz.

Everbuddee gots all xcited bout this buildin cubbered in corns.  I gots one word for it: BORE ING.  If it wuz cubbered in BACON that wood be sumfin to get xcited bout.  I wood be all ober that!

Don'tnot say nuffin...but I fink hiz noze iz kinda big.

Wee went to Duddees favoritest TV show...but Mike and Frank wuz not at home. The nice laydee came out an gived Mee an Clydee sum sweet potatae treets!  An Duddee gots a micepad an a hat!  Mommee didnot get nuffin.  She sez the memry wuz enuff.

Onna way home wee stayed at the Missyippee Riber.  This here is where the boats go ober the dam an wee could watch them from our camper.  They gots loud horns! I barked at a pelican!  An wee saw a eegle catch a fish!

I like campin'.  If you gets boreded you can always watch the naybors.  I do that lots.  If you eber see Mee campin' next to will prolly wanna zip up your windows!  

Well...that is all bout our bacation!  Ima thinkin' next time wee goes somewhere I will get onta twitter and twat bout it.  This bloggin' iz hard werk!


*praire dogs

**buffalo...or is it bison...I'm never sure

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Wearin' o' the Green

I love green...and I wear a LOT of it...this avocado-y shade, in particular.  And since today is St. Patrick's Day...and since it's going to be a sewing/gardening/cooking out in the backyard kind of day...and since I won't be going anywhere that would require wearing any of my lovely green things...I thought I would "wear" them here.  So there.  Now you can't pinch me!

And while we're on the's a link that my nephew posted on his Facebook page...and I thought I would pass it along.  Let's get it right this year, shall we?

                                        It's Paddy, not Patty.

Happy St. Paddy's Day, my lovelies!

Friday, March 16, 2012


                                        IT IZ MY BIRFDAY!!!   and Clydee's, two.*

Hi Everbuddee!  It iz me!  Bonnee!  Today I am 4teen yeers old!  and so iz Clydee.  I iz most berry excited beecuz Mommee gots a big stake outa the frigerator and she sez it is for MEEE!!!  and Clydee, two...but he can't heer nuffin so I do not see why wee haffa tell him anyfing bout it.  I like all kinda meets but most specially stake cuz that iz what kinda meets wee are having tonite!  For my birfday!  An maybe wee will have a funderstorm.  I like funder.  It iz gonna be a good day!  

Mommee sez that since it iz such a bootiful day, wee should go for a wok.  
Me and Clydee gets all excited when she gets our leeshes out.  I bark and bark.  I am a berry loud dog.  But, after wee gets around the cul-de-sac (Fancy Frenchy for dead end...or literally "butt of bag" it!)...wee kinda loose our 'thusemism an Mommee has to drag us.  She keeps sayin' "Come on guys, wee can make it!"  And I keep sayin' "I know wee can make it.  But let's don't and say wee did."

It don't matter.  She makes us wok all the way to the enda the neighborhood.  And then wee getta turn around...and I sez to Clydee, "Hey Clydee, I just 'membered wee gets treets when wee gets home."  He can't not heer me but he 'members, two...and then WEE drags MOMMEE all the way home!  That iz the fun part! 

And then wee gots a birfday prezent from Trina!  She iz our friend and wee love her most berry much!  Can you guess what iz it?!!

It iz a weenie dog!  Wif candy inside!  And a birfday card!  

Fank you, Trina!  Wee love it!

                                           Happee Birfday to Mee!  and Clydee, two!

*Truth in blogging..actually, their birthday was YESTERDAY.  "Mommee" was too busy to approve this for her.  She does these posts all by herself...but I always read through them before she "goes live."  Better that way...I never know WHAT she's going to say!

Monday, February 20, 2012


                                        March 15, 1998 - February 18, 2012

Of the three surviving pups in the litter, she was the smallest one.  The Mailman and I had committed ourselves to the other two...and I just couldn't bear the thought that this last little one would never see her family again.  And so we scooped her up and tied a pink ribbon around her neck.  I had a plan.

You see, my Father-In-Law had lost his dog the year before...and I thought it was time.  When we walked into his house, he was seated in his chair...reading his paper.  I carried her over to him and placed her in his lap.  She immediately wriggled herself into the space between his left leg and the arm of his recliner...and rested her head on his knee.  "You're mean," he said to me. I just smiled.  He could say whatever he wanted...but I know a melting heart when I see one.

And so she became a part of our family. Whenever TM and I went over to the Log House...she greeted us joyfully with barks and wiggles and sometimes a little pee on the floor.

And she loved to "do things."  It didn't matter what it was...she was up for it.  Most of all she loved to be with her brother and sister. 

Patrolling the neighborhood...

...hitting the open road...

...enjoying a snack along the way.

I know nothing lasts forever.  And, in  the last few we watched the light go out of her eyes...I knew this day was coming.  Today, TM is downstairs in his workshop...making a little box for her.  We'll wrap her up in her little afghan and put her in the place we've prepared for her in the back garden.  She spent so many happy hours there...playing under the trees.  There are two spaces beside her...for her brother and her sister...when that time comes.  I promised her they would always be together.

One thing I don't understand:  How does such a tiny thing leave such a big hole in your heart? 

Goodbye, my little Sammy-Sam.  Your Aunt Kathy loves you...and she always will.