Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Gardener's Christmas Tree

If you take even a brief look around this'll soon discover that I'm a gardener.  I never fail to be completely gob-smacked (my favorite British expression) by the miracle of a flower.  I miss my garden in the Winter.  

And so...years ago, I began to collect glass Christmas ornaments with a fruit and flower bring a little of the garden miracle into our Christmas celebration.  Every year, The Mailman and I head down to the cutest little local tree lot...and select a fresh Michigan-grown Frazier Fir to display my growing collection.  TM (with the patience of a saint) sets it up for me in a five-gallon bucket...anchored with field stones...filled with water...and disguised with a wicker basket.

Tiny white lights...a sheer golden garland...sparkling clear glass icicles and balls...and silk hydrangea blooms form the foundation for my Gardener's Christmas Tree.

My beloved Clothique angel.  I've had her for at least 30 years...and she hasn't aged a bit!

A great big golden treble clef...and three matching eighth-notes...since we LOVE traditional Christmas music.  (I'm talking Vienna Boys' Choir here...NOT Alvin and the Chipmunks!)

A sweet little bird nests inside a mirrored blue ball.  Did you know it's "good luck" to have a bird's nest in your Christmas tree?  I'm not a big believer in luck...but I always give this little bird a prominent position...just in case!

Glittering golden cornucopias filled with fruit. These are the first ornaments I purchased...long before I even had a garden!

Beautiful burgundy-rose pomegranates. 

Blue and lavender pansy blossoms...and green pistachio nuts.  At least that's what I think they are.

Golden pine cones...circa 1990's from Eddie Bauer.  There are also ball ornaments, mushrooms and walnuts in this set...all glass.

A sneaky little squirrel has found his way into the mix.  Probably after my pistachios and walnuts! 

Snowy white amaryllis...a Christmas classic.

Pink Bleeding Heart, from a couple of years newest addition. 

And at the base...The Holy Family...another treasured Clothique creation from Possible Dreams.  When I purchased these...probably in the late '80's or early '90's...there was also a Shepherd and Wise Men to make a complete Nativity.  But...budget did not permit.  And now...they are nowhere to be found.

This year...I have my eye on some little glass birds...Cardinals, Goldfinches, Chickadees...just like the ones that visit the feeders outside this window.  

And even though we aren't big on Christmas gifting in our family...I think our tree looks a bit "naked" underneath.  So...I'm planning to wrap some empty boxes with a beautiful Hallmark angel-themed gift paper I've been hoarding for years...accented with velvet bows and old sheet music.  If I finish this project (BIG IF), I'll post a picture!

And there you have it...a Gardener's Christmas Tree!  Thank you for allowing me to share it with you!


Jil~Say It With Roses said...

WHAT???? No Alvin And The Chipmunks? lol! Hi Katy! I love your story of collecting your ornaments of fruit and flowers and getting your Michigan Christmas tree. It looks beautiful and I know it smells heavenly, too! And, Christmas for us is the traditional, beautiful music, too.

We got our first sticking snow this morning. Not much, just about an inch. It made everything look pretty and then it turned bitterly cold. Last year the house stayed toasty and this year we are having a harder time keeping it warm and yet, until today, it hasn't been that cold. Can't figure!

I am in my "waiting for spring" mode. It is such a gift to see the first tinge of green on the trees and the first tip of a spring flower poking up through the soil. Ahhhh! And the smell of the lilacs. I have to stop this or I will never make it to spring!
♥ Jil

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