Friday, August 26, 2011

Just Peachy!

Last Saturday...The Mailman and I...along with my Father-In-Law (a.k.a. The Big Guy)...made our annual peach-picking trip into Michigan.  We made a day of it...with stops for breakfast, lunch and shopping (Joann's for me, Tractor Supply for the guys), as well.  And between the three of us, we picked three bushels of peaches!  

Now, if you have never eaten a ripe-from-the-tree Michigan Red Haven sorry for you.  They are the BEST in the world (my apologies to Georgia).  And peaches are my favorite fruit.  So...I ate and ate and ate.  I lost track of how many peaches I've yummed down in the past week.  I know I shouldn't feel too guilty...I mean, they're PEACHES...not Ben and Jerry's, right?  But those carbs still add up...and as a result, I've gained a couple of pounds.  Not the direction I want to be going.  

So...yesterday I froze the remaining fruit so that we can enjoy their deliciousness during the Winter.  And, I made a pie.  From my Mom's Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking, by Meta Given...circa 1959:

                                                PEACH CRUMBLE PIE  

     3/4 cup all-purpose flour
     1/3 cup moist light brown sugar, packed
     1/3 cup firm butter

     1/4 cup sugar
     1 to 1 1/2 tbsp flour (I used 1 tbsp cornstarch, because I like the juices to be clear.)
     1 lb 14 oz ripe freestone peaches, peeled and sliced
     4 to 5 drops almond extract
     1/2 cup sugar

Pastry for 9-inch single crust pie

Adjust rack 5-6 inches from bottom of oven.  Start oven 10 minutes before baking; set to moderately hot (425F).

Crumble:  Blend flour and brown sugar in a bowl, add butter and cut in with pastry blender or 2 knives until particles are the size of peas.  Chill until needed.

Pastry and Filling:  Make pastry; roll out and line a 9-inch pie pan, fitting well into angles.  Let rest 5 minutes, then trim off 1/2 inch beyond pan rim.  Fold overhang under so fold is even with pan rim.  Flute edges with fingers or crimp with tines of fork.  Blend the 1/4 cup sugar with the flour (or cornstarch) and sprinkle over bottom of pastry.  Turn prepared peaches into pastry-lined pan, leveling evenly.  Sprinkle with almond extract, then with the 1/2 cup sugar, then with the crumble.

Bake 15 minutes, then reduce heat to moderate (350F) and bake 20 minutes longer.  Remove to cake rack and cool 2-3 hours.  Serve lukewarm or cold.

Makes 6 servings.

This pie was heavenly.  I didn't weigh myself this morning...ignorance is bliss.



Scrap for Joy said...

This post is making my mouth water!! We have a farm about 3 miles from us and they grow red havens..I had one today for lunch and had to eat it with a towel handy to catch the juice I missed. I live for the weeks they are available! You pie is almost an identical recipe I have for Peach Crumble (not pie though...just tons of crumble on the top) It's the brown sugar that makes it so good. Oh I'd love a slice of that pie right now! :D

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