Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sweet Straw Tote Redux

A few weeks ago, I became obsessed with straw totes.  Blame it on the super-heated weather.  In an effort to be frugal, I began searching the thrift stores...and I actually found TWO!  The first one was perfect...HUGE, with a short handle...exactly what I wanted.  The second was the little one you see here.  Now, you're probably asking yourself, "If the first tote was so perfect, why is she blogging about the second one?"  Well...let me give you some advice.  Don't ever let your husband's bull-in-a-china-shop friend touch your stuff...especially a thrifted straw tote of undetermined age with an evidently not-so-sturdy handle.  'Nuff said.

Anyway...the second tote was quite a bit smaller...but for $1.75 at Goodwill, I just couldn't pass it up.  So, it came home with me for a little facelift. 

Inside, the odd red and green print lining reminded me of Christmas...not exactly the beachy, tropical look I was after... I replaced it with violet and lavender polka dots.  And since this tote has no closure, I added a little zippered pocket for an additional bit of security. 

It needed some pizazz...and flower brooches are all the rage right now.  This one is my own design, and I love the way it looks against the raffia/straw.  It's on a it can be removed...but I have a feeling it's going to spend most of it's time right here.

All in all...a sweet little bag...for a couple of hours' work and very little deniro.  Not my first choice, but I still like it.  Oh...and TM's friend?  I forgave him...but not right away.  ;o)


Niesz Vintage Home said...

Too, too cute!
It looks fab with the new lining and that pretty flower.
And you can't beat the price. :-)


Beverly said...

Oh my goodness. Now that might just be about the cutest little tote EVER! I love it!! What a great idea. Yes, you were right about the Baltic Brown. And perhaps the reason that you can't find the I ATE it ALL!!!...with just a little help from Hubbs.

Have a great weekend!


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