Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Prince(ss) and the Pea

A nonstop flurry of activity around here during the past week or so, my friends.  Tulip-planting, garage-cleaning, landscaping at the in-laws new condo...and leaves, leaves, LEAVES!  And, of course...all these projects need supervision...which makes for one tired supervisor!  

Here's "The Boogie," after a long, hard day.  We had piled up the dogger's pillows and blankets in front of the door...and this is where I found him.  He has always had the uncanny ability to find the most comfortable place in the house...and stake his claim.  I don't care who you are...THAT'S cute! 


Niesz Vintage Home said...

So cute!
Our dog makes a beeline for our down comforter whenever our backs are turned.

Kimberly :-)

Rebecca said...

IT IS CUTE! What a doll your fur-baby is! I'm into comfort too! Smart pooch!

Now...I will certainly send you some blue ribbon if you send me your address! :)

I'm being nice right now!



Anonymous said...

That IS cute.. and if I were him I'd be snuggled up there too! I mean, who doesn't love a soft spot to take a nap?

Stephanie Suzanne ♥ Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Kathy,

Yes indeed that is a great photo. My Miss Morgan is curled up in her tuffet next to me right now. She is the studio assistant after all. {teehee}

I've been collecting the old thread spools for some time. I'll have to photograph all of them one day.

Sounds like you've been busy outside. We get out of raking leaves since we live on this mountain ridge we let the leaves sail through the air across the valley...then we clean out the gutters before the super cold weather begins.

Thank you so very much for visiting with me. I've been off my blog more than on in the past month and I hate that. I miss everyone when I'm gone. ♥

Wishing you a week filled with Pink Sparkles,
Stephanie ♥

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