Friday, March 16, 2012


                                        IT IZ MY BIRFDAY!!!   and Clydee's, two.*

Hi Everbuddee!  It iz me!  Bonnee!  Today I am 4teen yeers old!  and so iz Clydee.  I iz most berry excited beecuz Mommee gots a big stake outa the frigerator and she sez it is for MEEE!!!  and Clydee, two...but he can't heer nuffin so I do not see why wee haffa tell him anyfing bout it.  I like all kinda meets but most specially stake cuz that iz what kinda meets wee are having tonite!  For my birfday!  An maybe wee will have a funderstorm.  I like funder.  It iz gonna be a good day!  

Mommee sez that since it iz such a bootiful day, wee should go for a wok.  
Me and Clydee gets all excited when she gets our leeshes out.  I bark and bark.  I am a berry loud dog.  But, after wee gets around the cul-de-sac (Fancy Frenchy for dead end...or literally "butt of bag" it!)...wee kinda loose our 'thusemism an Mommee has to drag us.  She keeps sayin' "Come on guys, wee can make it!"  And I keep sayin' "I know wee can make it.  But let's don't and say wee did."

It don't matter.  She makes us wok all the way to the enda the neighborhood.  And then wee getta turn around...and I sez to Clydee, "Hey Clydee, I just 'membered wee gets treets when wee gets home."  He can't not heer me but he 'members, two...and then WEE drags MOMMEE all the way home!  That iz the fun part! 

And then wee gots a birfday prezent from Trina!  She iz our friend and wee love her most berry much!  Can you guess what iz it?!!

It iz a weenie dog!  Wif candy inside!  And a birfday card!  

Fank you, Trina!  Wee love it!

                                           Happee Birfday to Mee!  and Clydee, two!

*Truth in blogging..actually, their birthday was YESTERDAY.  "Mommee" was too busy to approve this for her.  She does these posts all by herself...but I always read through them before she "goes live."  Better that way...I never know WHAT she's going to say!


Fee said...

Oh thats great!! Happy Belated Birthday Greetings to a very clever canine!!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

AAAAWWWWW...your furbabies are so cute! I hope they enjoy their special dinner.
Now Bonnee, make sure you share with clydee. :-)

And I am so very sorry for the loss of little Sammy. After nearly 3 years, I still miss our sweet Ubu. My heart goes out to you and your Father in law.


Amy Burgstede Rhode in WI said...

They are their frosty faces! Time flies, doesn't it? They are the same age as my oldest, Squirt, he turned 14 in Feb; he's also deaf. Happy belated Bonnie & Clyde!!

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