Saturday, June 18, 2011


Hi Everbuddee!  It iz Bonnee!  Member mee?  

I fink I told yu before that I gots lotsa one of em is Stormchaser!  I like funder.  I don't not no why, butt I doo!  An whenever it rains an funders, I hafta go out inna garage an watch.  I like it mostly when Duddee iz there...but this day he wuz Mommee sat out there wif mee.  An she tooked some pitchers of mee!

I gots a big foofy I gots to have that to sit on.  Then, I gots to have my red wooly's I don't not gets cold and shivers.  That iz all. I likes sumbuddee to sit wif mee.  I pretty happee I will sit there untils the rain stops...or I gets boreded...whichever comes first. 

I fink I look pretty good for what age I am.  Sure, I gots a white face...butt I don't gots no rinkles! 

 I fink Mommee iz just showin' off her garden.  Prolly shoulda pulled out that great big dandylion, Mommee. 

Tonite, wee had another funderstorm!  It wuz the most best one becuz Mommee an Duddee an Clydee sit wif mee!  I HAPPEE!!!

OK Everbuddee!  That iz all.  I gonna bee pretty bizee next week.  The 'puter sez there iz gonna bee funderstorms ever day!



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