Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hi Everbudee!  This iz Bonnee.  I am back from bacation an I fought you would like to heer bout it.  Wee went to Maumee Bay State Park!  That iz in oHIo.  It iz close to Toleedo.  Up by Lake Eerie.  They gots a bootiful camping ground, a big lodge, a beech, bike a golf course!  That made Duddee most very happee!

Heer iz where wee stayed.  It iz are camper and it iz my most favrite place to stay.  You can see mee in a pitchure.  I am guardin' it!

Duddee had to mow the lawns so's Clydee an mee had a good place to potty.  Fank you, Duddee!

Wee did lotsa fun stuff.  Like sun-sittin'.

An goin' for woks.

Duddee duz all a cookin' when wee go campin'.  Heer is a brekyfest hee made.  See?  It gots a smilly face!

Heer is Clydee on a trail.  Hee gots a smilly face, too!

I like campin".  Clydee likes campin'.  So duz Duddee.  But I gots to tell you sumfin'.  I don't fink Mommee likes campin'.  I fink she tolerhates it.  Becuz she likes us.  But she iz kinda prissy.  An so today Duddee iz takin' Mommee campin' someplace that she WILL like.  Clydee an mee, wee are not goin'.  Wee are stayin' wif Ant Beverlee.  Which iz OK.  Wee like her.



Jil~Say It With Roses said...

Hi Kathy,
I am still laughing! Those two are so cute! I love their blanket/coats and they seem to always have smiles on their faces.

We have never gotten to the tulip festival....someday we will! I think that part of the state is the prettiest. We are where we are because of family and I do love living next to the lake.

So happy we met up again!

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