Friday, July 29, 2011


This is what The Mailman is calling our insufferable heat wave.  Hotpocalypse.  And since he's out walking in it every day...who am I to argue?  So...Hotpocalypse it is.  

It's HOT!  These are the kinds of Summers I remember from my childhood...days in the respite at night...and no rain.  When I began composing this post, I thought about showing you the fried lawn...the singed Hostas...the flower beds in desperate need of weeding and dead-heading and trimming and watering.  But then I realized that you probably have plenty of that in your own yards.  So instead, I thought I would show you what's right in my world.  Believe it or not...there ARE some positives to a heatwave!  So...grab a glass of lemonade...sit back...and enjoy!

Apparently, Japanese Beetles don't like hot, dry weather either!  These are the same Hydrangeas I showed you here.  The blossoms have aged to a beautiful, soft chartreuse green...and most Summers, the beetles would have devoured them by now.  Along with the roses.  This year, I've seen only a handful of the nasty things...and I hope they continue to stay away!

Not ALL the flowers are languishing.  The little Prairie garden around our goldfish pond is actually doing quite well.  Here, Purple Cone-flower, Black-Eyed-Susan and Butterfly Weed flourish happily in the heat. 

And I have NEVER been able to grow eggplant, bell pepper and tomato plants like these.  Granted, it has taken some diligent watering on my part...but these heat-lovers are rewarding my efforts with...

...crisp, green peppers... 

...sweet, juicy tomatoes... 

...and beautiful baby eggplant.  Tonight, I'm trying a new recipe...roasted baby eggplant with tomato and Parmesan cheese.  Kinda makes me wish I hadn't whacked down all the basil...some Pesto would probably taste good with this. 

Our freezer is stocked with sweet corn...

...and blueberries.

Since the heat has me holed up inside, I've managed to complete a few things for my Etsy Shop... 

...and last, but not least...I'm trying to remember that not everyone is a heat-hater.

This morning, it rained. I sat out in the shelter of our garage with my thunderstorm-loving dog, Bonnie...I was thankful.  Thankful for the rain...for my little companion beside me...for the sturdy roof over our heads...and for the egg and sausage breakfast we shared.  Life is good...and a little bit of heat doesn't change that!

Thank you for visiting me today!  And remember...leave out a glass of iced tea for the mailman!


Niesz Vintage Home said...

Haha...hotpocalypse, I like that. :-)
Your garden looks awesome!
Our blackeyed susan are still doing well and the tomatoes are in hot, humid heaven. But the hostas, impatiens, and ferns may not be around much longer.
And your fur baby looks very content soaking up a few rays.


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