Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sweet Tango

                              If you see this apple at your market...BUY IT!!! 

So yesterday, I went to a different grocery store.  I dunno.  I was bored with my usual Kroger and wanted a change.  I went to the brand-spankin' NEW Kroger in Rochester.  I was looking for ingredients for a crock-pot recipe...among them, Golden Delicious apples.  Well, they had 'em...but they were very green...and not very appetizing.  So I started shopping the other apples. 

So I'm looking at the different apples and I notice they have a TON of a variety called "Sweet Tango."  On sale...and free samples, too.  So I tried a piece...and OMG!  Now, I'm not an apple-lover.  I mean, they're OK...I have nothing against them...but give me a peach any day.  So I was absolutely shocked at the deliciousness.  I think my eyes rolled back in my head.  Crisp...sweet...JUICY.  The BEST apple I've ever eaten.  Truly.  This is what all apples aspire to be.

So...go buy yourselves some "Sweet Tango's."  Do you hear me?  

By the way...I have no idea where these apples come from...or who grows them...but, if they want to send me a bushel or two, I won't turn them down.     


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