Thursday, September 29, 2011

Circle Skirt Sew-Along - Hem

Ahem.  I'm delighted to say that my circle skirt is finished!  And ahead of schedule.  I'm quite impressed with myself...giddy, in fact.  This is a minor miracle.  If you could see the half-finished projects cluttering up my workroom...well, let's just say you'd understand.

Here is the finished hem and applique.  I hope you can see that I've embellished the velveteen vine with flat black sequins, black bugle beads and seed beads.  I wanted to add a little sparkle...without being flashy about it.  This was my first attempt at beading.  I didn't plot out the design...because I wanted it to look casual and not too I just kind of eyeballed it as I went along.  And it worked.  It's not perfect!

I used a purchased black bias hem facing to finish my hem.  I wanted a little bit of subtle contrast to show as the skirt moves.  This is my favorite way to finish a full hem...the bias allows any excess fullness to be steamed away...and the hem lies flat.

I considered horsehair braid...but I found that it added a surprising amount of body to the hem.  I was amazed at this, because the tweed is quite heavy.  A lovely effect it was, but too much fullness for me.  If I was 30 years younger...heck yeah...DOUBLE horsehair. 

I hand-stitched the skirt hem...and I finished the silk lining with a narrow double-fold hem...stitched by machine.  

This lining fabric is not very photogenic, I'm afraid...or maybe it's the photographer.  Ya think?

Now, I have to decide how to style this for the Circle Skirt Party...and persuade The Mailman to take my picture.  I hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

Ooh, that applique is beautiful!

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