Wednesday, April 20, 2011


                                                        HI!!!  My name iz Bonnie!  

Mommee ast* me to make a post for u today...she iz two bizee makin' stuff to do it hersef.  I cannot tell u watt she iz makin' iz a secert.  Butt u weenie-dog peeples iz gonna be very happity!

OK.  Now I will talk bout somefin more interestin...MEEE!!!  I am firteen yeers older.  I am the most best dogg inna hole world.  U can ast anybuddy.  I am a bizee bee.  I gots lotsa hobbys and lotsa fings I like two do.  Hear iz some pitchers for u!


I like goin' for a W-O-K.  Mommee and Duddee fink I do not know watt that spells...but I DO!

I like skwirrels!  Long as they stay up inna tree.  If they come down an look at me...I gets skeered an I run inna house.

I like Clydee.  He is my brudder.  You gotta talk real loud at him cuz he cant not heer no more.  Duddee sez it iz cuz I barkt in hiz eers two much.

I like Funderstorms!  I git all xcited.  I run two the Mommee has to git my pilla an my bankie so I can sit inna garage an watch!

I like snow!  So duz Clydee.  Mommee made are coats.  They are special-fitted for weenie dogs.  We are weenie dogs.  Clydee and me.

I like family time.  That is Clydee an mee an Sammee.  She iz are sister.

I like sittin' by Duddee when he eets...cuz he give me stuff!  Sometimes.  Do NOT tell Mommee.

I like Peppy-Bizee when I gots a tummer-hurt from sittin' by Duddee when he eets.

I like Duddee!!!

*Yes, I DID ask her to do this post for me...however, I had NO idea that she would get so carried away...especially with the pictures.  She spends a lot of time surfing with her Daddy, and I guess she's learned quite a bit from watching him.  I considered removing some of these photos...but they're all so darned cute, I just couldn't do it.  I apologize.


Anonymous said...

Oh my wurds... you iz jus darlin. This is bitzy typn. Momo out taken her meds. I thinks you is hanzum. You haz good momo like my momo. Do you getz berry muffins? No, I donz eever. But I stealz them yesturday. I goz two of dem and paper to to hold my crums. Momo upsets az she haz to watch my poop. It okay though. Dem sucka's went right troo me. Yepz. demz good. You visit someday and we shares them. You stands on my back and reach up. I let you do dat.

Okay, byz now. Momo commin. Wuvs Bitzy

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

Is this post adorable or what???
Love you Bonnie and Clyde and hurry back with another story about what is going on in your world!


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