Monday, April 18, 2011


                         "If you don't like the weather in Indiana, wait awhile."
                                                                                                                                  Hoosier Wisdom

A typical Spring here in Hoosierland, boys and girls.  In the past couple of weeks I've carried the pansies in at night to protect them from temps in the 20's...basked in 80+ degree sunshine and contemplated turning on the air conditioning...attempted to rake out flower beds in a brisk wind and 20% humidity (and actually became quite proficient at dry-leaf-wrangling).  

Today, it's raining.  Which is good news for the garden.  For The Mailman, not so much.  But, I'm making his favorite Parmesan-Baked Catfish for supper tonight...with an Italian vegetable saute...and that should make him smile.

Last Tuesday was a beautiful day...sunny, breezy and dry...and so I planted broccoli.  Now, I like to grow veggies from seed...not out of any deep-seated organic philosophy...but just because I enjoy it.  And I usually have pretty good luck...except with broccoli.  Every year, I start the seeds indoors...hug and kiss them through their pampered infancy...and they reward me by withering away when I attempt to move them into the outdoors.  Which necessitates a trip to WalMart to buy broccoli plants.  Not this year!  I actually managed to grow some healthy seedlings...and although they're small, I think they're gonna make it!  

Here's their new home.  Last year, my gardening season ended with a whimper after a record-breaking drought and a bout with what (I think) was H1N1.  So...I have a lot of cleaning up to do.

My assistants.

All turned over and raked smooth.  I've been gardening in these raised beds since the early eighties, and I love them.  We have heavy clay soil...and lots of shade...not so good for veggies.  So, I had these beds built in a sunny corner...and filled them with good soil...which I amend each season with lots of organic matter.

I used Jiffy Pellets to start the know, those little brown wafers that swell up when you add water.  I like the fact that I don't have to dig the seedlings out of a common flat...less transplant shock.  He looks pretty happy, don't you think?

And here they are in their new digs...thirty-six of them!  Shrimp and Broccoli Alfredo, anyone?

"Hey," you say, "I thought this was a sewing blog!"  Well, it is.  At least I mean it to be.  And after the Spring gardening rush is over, I plan to get down to it.  In the meantime...I made these pretty things the other day.  They're available in my Etsy shop...and they're perfect for Mothers' Day!


Anonymous said...

I love your assistants & your balls!! Whoops that didn't come out right... your hanging decorations.

Your right about indiana weather ... my goodness today is awful. Hugs. T

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