Friday, April 29, 2011

We Be Campin'!

Hi Everbudee!  This iz Bonnee!  I got sumfin' xciting to tell u!  Weez goin' campin'!  I so xcited!  It iz my mos favorite fing too do inna hole world!  Me an Clydee an Dudee gots everfing packed tooday and wee iz leevin' in a morning!

Wee will not bee in r house...but if u r finkin' bout robbin us, dont even fink bout it!  We gots a very meen house-sat-er (oops, sorri Ant Beverlee)...and asides, Dudee packed up everfing and the kichten sink.  So there iz nuffin in there for u too take!

I will see u when I gets I will tell u all bout my bacation!

This is Bonnee.  This is not Katherine.  I dont need no fancee name like that!


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