Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Don't get me wrong, I love ALL my plants...really, I do.  And I try very hard not to play favorites.  BUT...I have to admit that I'm absolutely gaga over Tall Bearded German Iris.

Maybe it's because they bloom around the time of my birthday.  Maybe it's because they bloom around the time school lets out for the Summer (ahh, childhood).  Maybe it's because they bloom around the time of May Crowning (ahh, Catholic childhood).  Maybe it's because they come in such amazing color combinations...or because they look like orchids...or have an intoxicating fragrance.  Whatever the reason...I love 'em.  

They're my favorite flower.

As you can tell, the tall bearded Iris have arrived in our little perennial garden.  This is the view from under the arbor, taken a few days ago.  The mounded pink plant at the edge of the path is Soapwort.  Isn't that a funny name?

This is my favorite Iris.  It's called "Razzmatazz," and it's one of the earliest to bloom.  A little beat up from all the rain...but still stunning. 

Here is the garden again...the day before yesterday.  The later iris have begun to bloom. 

This variety is called "Beverly Sills."  When we have visitors, this is the one that everybody wants in their own garden...I get lots of requests for starts! 

This pretty pale blue is a re-bloomer...and usually sends up a few blossoms in the Fall. 

This vibrant purple was a gift from my neighbor's sister...and has the most fabulous fragrance...sort of a cross between Fracas and grape KoolAid! 

I re-configured this entire bed two years ago.  Last Spring, the Iris didn't bloom at all.  So...even though they're a little sparse...they're still a welcomed sight!  I'm hoping for an Iris explosion NEXT year! 

The yellow ones were a gift from my Father-In-Law...and are my tallest Iris, at nearly Four feet!

This is the view from our patio.  Other bloomers in this pic include Cranesbill, Lady's Mantle, Siberian Iris and "Green Lotus" Peony (or Pee-OH-nee, as my Mother-In-Law says).

Yesterday, the Poppies popped!  I love this combination of "Watermelon" Poppy, "Princess Bride" Peony and an almost black Iris whose name escapes me.  

And there you have it...the 2011 Iris Tour!  I'll let you in on a little secret:  We gardeners are basically show-offs.  It's true.  And we like nothing better than to share our little corners of paradise.  I hope you enjoyed your time in mine.  Please come back again!


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