Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pickin' Patch

Monday was a simply PERFECT June day...and since I'd received notice that the strawberries were ready at my favorite pickin' patch, I decided to head out that way.  It's a pretty drive through the Indiana countryside...and it's easy to find...just follow the signs!

This is it!  I discovered this place two years ago.  They have the BEST strawberries...and asparagus, April. 

You can buy pre-picked berries...but I prefer to pick my own...even though my back complains a little.  OK...a LOT!!!

I told you it was a perfect day...just look at that blue sky!

I arrived around 9 AM...after the early-morning rush...but I still had some company.  Our next-door neighbor was there...and we had a nice chat.

Two hours later...I had picked just over fourteen pounds of strawberries!  I am a MACHINE!

This lovely lady is one of the growers...and she's always smiling and helpful.  I don't know if her nickname is "Sunshine," but it should be!

Time to head home with my haul!

I froze the majority of these berries...because there's nothing like strawberry pie in December...and I saved the remainder for fresh eating.  And last night, I made a yummy low-carb cheesecake with strawberry-rhubarb sauce!

I've mentioned before that The Mailman and I like to obtain our food locally as much as possible.  It's fresher...and we want to support small businesses in our community.  And here's another's much easier to know what goes ON and IN your food when you know the producer.  I recently learned that strawberries are the most heavily contaminated produce item in the United States!  Conventionally-grown strawberries are available year-round in this country and should be avoided at all costs.  And beside that...they taste terrible!

So...find yourself a pickin' patch...wear some comfy clothes and sunscreen...and get out there and enjoy the sunshine!  


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