Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Skirt

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that one of my favorite mail-order retailers was offering a gorgeous cotton lawn skirt...with a pretty "petticoat" ruffle peeking out at the hem.  Just my style...and of course, I fell in love...but I just couldn't justify plunking down The Mailman's hard-earned cash for something I could make myself.  Know what I mean?  So...I set about swiping being inspired by their idea.

Here is the inspiration skirt...

I wanted something a bit I chose an old favorite pattern (Simplicity 4546, from 2005).  It's an almost-circle skirt...with a contoured waistband that sits a bit lower on the hips.  I'd used this pattern a couple of times...and other than a length adjustment (which is pretty much a given when you're 5'10" tall)...I knew I wouldn't have to worry about fit.

The pattern calls for a conventional side zipper closure...but I opted for an invisible zipper.  I prefer the look...and I find them easier to install.

The cotton lawn is pretty I lined my skirt with a second layer of solid-colored lawn for modesty's sake.

And here's my petticoat hem!

Instead of a turned-up hem, I chose to do a bias hem-facing (cut from left-over lining fabric)...which worked like a dream!  I cut the ruffle 2 1/2 times the circumference of the skirt hem and 6 inches wide...for a 3-inch finished ruffle that would peek out about 2 inches below the hem.  Then I proceeded to hand-gather the ENTIRE ruffle...which provided me a with an excellent excuse to watch a marathon broadcast of "The Real Housewives of New York City."  I wanted a flat, pleated opposed to a full, foofy one...and so once I had it suitably gathered...I gave everything a good mash with the steam iron.  Then, I attached the ruffle with two lines of top-stitching.  

This was one of those dream projects that went together without a hitch...which for me, is a rarity.  It turned out pretty much as I had imagined...with the added bonus of the ruffle providing a bit of weight to bottom of the skirt...for a very nice drape.'re probably wondering why I'm not modeling my creation for you.  It's because:

     A.  I'm not all that comfortable with posting pictures of myself on the internet.
     B.  I'm pretty hopeless at taking self-portraits, anyway.
     C.  The mosquitoes around here are the size of CATS...and I don't want to spend any more 
          time outside than absolutely necessary.
     D.  I have a gorgeous length of cocoa-brown linen (I'm thinking safari-type jacket) that would
          be FAB with this skirt...and I want to reveal the jacket and skirt together.
     E.'s really A.  


Jen Coplen said...

LOVE THIS SKIRT! Awesome job Kathy! I am coming home in a week, I will talk to the parents and make sure we all meet up at some point!

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