Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday Morning in the Garden

This morning...I braved the heat, humidity and mosquitoes...fashionably attired in The Mailman's heaviest down-filled snow-shoveling jacket zipped up to my ears...a fleece hat pulled down to my eyebrows...and reeking of "eau d'Off."  A stunning sight for the neighbors, I'm sure.  The past few 90+ degree days have been hard on my container plants and raised-bed veggie I wanted to water them before the heat of the day set in.  Dedicated blogger that I am, I also managed to snap a few pics between swats.

The perennial Foxglove is blooming against the garage wall.  I love this pale, lemon-y yellow color.  It's first year in this location...and it seems to be pretty I'm thinking of planting the taller, biennial variety behind it, as a companion.  

These purple spikes are Salvia...growing along the gravel path.   They've been in this spot for at least ten years...and are one of my most reliable bloomers.

I LOVE salad...and could eat it morning, noon and night.  This mix of lettuces has provided us with several good meals already.'s Chicken-Bacon Ranch Salad...with chicken breast, bacon, cherry tomatoes, avocado and Ranch dressing.  Perfect for a light supper on a hot day. 

The Mailman and I try to obtain our food from local much as possible, anyway.  So...I thought I would show off my locally-sourced breakfast!  Fresh brown eggs (from Brick House Eggs, just down the road)...homemade pork sausage (from a fellow on the mail route)...and blueberries (me-picked last July at Berry Hill Farms).

The iced vanilla coffee is not local...but it is homemade...and since I drink one every morning, I thought I should include it.  Truth in blogging, and all.

Isn't this the fattest chipmunk you've ever seen?  He's discovered The Mailman's stash of squirrel corn in the garage and has been helping himself.  After he's eaten his fill, he stretches out on the back of this bistro chair.  This morning...after several days of trying...I managed to snap his pic through the glass. 

Yesterday, I found these Georgia peaches at the grocery for 98 cents a pound.  OK...not locally sourced...but so, so good...and The Mailman DOES have an Aunt who lives in Marietta.

Last night, I ate TWO of these.  So much for the "fruit-as-garnish" low-carb-way-of-eating I'm trying to follow.  Oh well, better than a pint of Ben and Jerry's, I guess.


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